SW Fashion is an Antwerp-based fashion agency, representing middle-segment, wearable and well-made brands to a diverse audience across Belgium and Luxemburg. Supported by a dedicated and passionate team, we represent our careful selection of brands in over 500 stores. Curious? Our showroom is located at Hesenplein 2 in Antwerp. Free parking spots are available.

Petrol represents denim craftsmanship and knows the power of denim. We have been making jeans wear and denim related products since 1989. Our main inspiration has always been vintage cars and motor bikes. Driving in the fast lane where making unforgettable road trips and living life to the maximum are most important. That’s where our motor centric mindset comes to play and this will never change.

‘The Road to a Cleaner Future’

We all know that many guys like cars more than clothes. So tune into the petrol head and we inspire what to wear. Our total line is denim driven and the collections are classified in three categories to suit every stylistic need. Classics, Custom and Collectables; each label represents a different spin on design, whilst remaining true to the core Petrol spirit.