SW Fashion is an Antwerp-based fashion agency, representing middle-segment, wearable and well-made brands to a diverse audience across Belgium and Luxemburg. Supported by a dedicated and passionate team, we represent our careful selection of brands in over 500 stores. Curious? Our showroom is located at Hesenplein 2 in Antwerp. Free parking spots are available.

Founded in 1990 and located in a historical 19th-century warehouse; SW Fashion has established itself as a seasoned agency amidst the dynamic fashion landscape of Antwerp.

After founding his own denim brand and working in trade shows across the Benelux, Joep Zoeteweij started SW Fashion to represent wearable, well-made brands to a wide audience. Now, we are backed by a passionate team with nearly a lifetime of experience in the Belgium and Luxemburg fashion markets. After years of working in these countries, we have become familiar with their local mentalities, styles, and values. It’s a familiarity we enjoy because we prefer to take an accessible, candid and down-to-earth approach. After all… SW stands for “So What”.

Our attitude reflects the brands we represent, mainly mid-segment, menswear labels with a Dutch background. Our brands combine practical wearability with high-quality production and fashionable details. Having represented some of our brands for over 20 years, we have built a mutual loyalty, expertise and dedication that have earned SW Fashion its reputation.

‘Our team is passionate about its brands for more than 15 years!’